The company wanted to give our Clients, friends and family brief update on our continuing efforts with regards to keeping you as safe as possible during the continuing COVID-19 landscape.

Although the Government will technically be lifting all restrictions on July 19th, as a company we will be following recommendations set out relating to the Health and Care sector and all of our care will continue to be delivered by staff wearing full PPE which includes mouth and eye protection.

All of our care staff are fully vaccinated and will continue to be tested at regular intervals. We also adhere to guidance and our staff isolate if instructed to do so.

Our main commitment as always is towards the safety and welfare of our staff and service users. I understand there may be some disappointment from both parties that our own measures have to remain in place for the time being, but I’d like to assure you we as a company will closely monitor the situation and when it is safe and pertinent to do revert to pre-covid measures.